Quality Hydromulch

Hydromulch is a successful new process whereby grass seed, water, fertilizer and mulch fibers are mixed together and sprayed over the prepared seed bed. In one application the soils is seeded, fertilized, watered, and held in place with Hydromulch fibers.

The soft green mat that covers your soil is a Hydromulch fiber that retains many times its weight in water. The result is a thicker and quicker stand of grass. Hydromulch helps prevent wind and water erosion by bonding the layers of the seed bed together as it dries. With a Hydromulch lawn, young seeds are protected from the scorching sun, and soil temperature is maintained. Hydromulch forms an almost perfect environment for maximum seed germination. In just a few days you have a vigorously growing lawn with even distribution of grass in all areas. The result -- -- your lawn is smooth an even, with a beautiful uniform growth!

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Key Benefits

  • Erosion Control
  • Uniform Growth
  • Beautiful full lawn



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Last modified: April 03, 2006