Sprinkler Systems


Hunter PGP Sprinkler Systems



Integral rubber nozzle

Complete set of interchangeable nozzles.

40 to 360 adjustable arc or full circle versions

Proven long life gear drive.

Large dirty water screen

Ok Sod is proud to offer only the best in sprinkler systems, that's why we offer the Hunter PGP systems. When introduced the PGP in 1981 took the market by storm. It was Hunters Industries' first gear-driven sprinkler - baked by 25 years of invention and innovation. Hunters continuous improvements have kept the PGP the sprinkler of choice for residential and light commercial irrigation. And we believe no sprinkler in its class is more cost-effective. Its body is built to take it. Its super-efficient nozzles produce honest, even water distribution for beautifully healthy results. Its long lasting gear drive is time tested and proven as one of the industries best. And the PGP is capped with a new rubber cover that keeps harmful dirt out of the adjustment mechanism. it's been imitated, yet never equaled. It stands ready to help create more of the world's finest outdoor environments.

Add the optional drain check valve to any PGP sprinkler. Its prevents water from draining out of the irrigation pipes when the sprinkler pops down. Checking up to 10 feet in elevation change, its saves water, reduces liability exposure and stops erosion near the sprinkler. For more information click Here


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Last modified: April 03, 2006